Nutritional Consultations

with Jennifer Beer

BSc. Food Science & Nutrition

(University of Surrey)

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Nutritional therapy consultations can empower you to use

food as a tool to achieve your health & wellness goals

Primary outcomes for nutritional therapy:


  • Improved energy levels and mood

  • Reduced bloating and stomach cramps

  • Weight loss and maintenance

  • Optimising nutrition for conception & baby's development

  • Improving skin tone & quality

  • Improved recovery from medical procedures  

  • inflammatory diseases




If you would like to use food as a natural form of medicine to improve your health and well-being then you could benefit from a consultation.


Many of us have tried for years to improve our health or manage our medical symptoms using extreme diets or prescribed medications which can be difficult to maintain, and typically have a significant number of side effects.


From years studying under nutritional researchers conducting laboratory investigations, I can tell you food can not only sustain you, it can improve your mood and well-being, and reduce the rates and incedences of disease.  


Nutritional consultations are focused on adding foods to your diet which will complement your dietary habits and lifestyle to help you on your way to a happier, healthier being.

Jennifer Beer



Follow up consults are priced dependent on level of support needed


This will involve an assessment of your therapeutic needs and a plan of action to help and support you achieve your health goals.



Testimonials -


Steve M -   "I sat down with Jenny as my goal was to lose weight (to go down a waist size) and to try and change my diet to better suit a chronic illness. My wife and I followed her dietary recommendations and within a few months I'd gone down a waist size, despite not doing much exercise during the time. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly! My chronic illness now also affects me less frequently, and when it does, it's for shorter amounts of time and it's less painful. I can't recommend Jenny enough - she knows her stuff!"

Initial Consulatation  


Small changes to your diet can have a dramatic effect on your

health and well-being

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